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We design and install fire sprinkler systems, retrofit existing fire sprinkler and specialize in repairing or re-routing your underground fire main.

On Call 7-days a week 24-hours a day. Our live answering service allows for personal contact with our office personnel to expedite our company's unmatched response time to any of your emergencies.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Walschon’s Service Department provides customers with fully equipped, experienced, and professionally trained service technicians 24-hours a day. Our professional service technicians and the project supervisors in the office have years of experience to solve any and all of your fire protection needs.
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In keeping with the new NFPA 25 standard adopted by the State Fire Marshal and many other municipalities across the country, Walschon Fire Protection will meet all local fire codes, by performing the required five year, annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly inspections for your business.
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Fire System Design

Walschon Fire Protection has its own in-house design department that employs professional designers using computer aided design (CAD) software to produce state of the art 3D drawings for project management.

The goal of a good design is to provide an efficient, cost effective and code compliant sprinkler system. Walschon Fire Protection combines the latest drawing and hydraulic technology with comprehensive code knowledge and years of sprinkler design experience to provide the highest quality design documents.
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