"Fire sprinkler systems save lives"

The fire sprinkler system in your building could potentially save lives if it is ever called upon. For that reason, it is important to maintain your sprinkler system. In fact it's so important that the state of California requires regular Inspection Testing and Maintenance of your system. The fire sprinkler system in your building is a result of over 100 years of proven track record of saving lives and property. Without the sprinkler system in your building, you would not even have been able to construct, occupy or perform your business. Regular ITM of your sprinkler system will ensure it will function in an emergency situation. Regular ITM of your sprinkler system will also reduce the frequency of costly repairs. 


Every year fire fighters enter buildings with fire sprinkler systems that are not properly maintained. A fire sprinkler system that is not properly maintained puts the lives of not only building occupants at risk but also the fire fighters entering your building. Walschon Fire Protection can help! 



This sprinkler pipe is not only corroded but now its structural integrity is compromised. In the event of a fire the added pressure of a fire truck or building fire pump could cause the pipe to fail and discharge water needlessly. 

Golf balls found in sprinkler system 

Golf balls found in sprinkler system 

In the event of a fire an obstruction like this would most likely result in total loss of the structure. 

Walschon Fire Protection utilizes efficient reporting methods. Online electronic reporting allows our clients to access their inspection reports 24 hours a day. Keeping a file cabinet full of reports is a thing of the past!  When you receive an inspection report, you will be able to determine what and where any deficiencies there may be. This allows our customers to verify that the corrections they approved were actually performed. Due to the nature of our clients business's our inspection technicians are required to pass numerous background checks, ranging from DSA, TSA, GSA, DOJ, DOD and other large corporate entities. You can rest assured that your property will be inspected with the highest level of professionalism.  If you are interested in how Walschon Fire Protection can help you, please contact our office or submit the form below. One of our client relationship specialists will contact you. Please indicate the best time you would like to be contacted.

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